Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Party Diversity... Irish Style

Four French, two Polish, one Russian and a Jamaican-American go into a bar... Ok, it was an apartment, but it still sounds like a great beginning to a joke. And, happily, there was lots of laughter.

An evening out at a friend's place in Cork is definitely more international than ones I would be used to. And not just the guests, the menu too! Lots and lots of crepes, handmade by the authentic French husband of my Polish friend. Washed down with wine, juice and, most intriguingly, a lychee liqueur that I have just got to try again! Not often though - 21% alcohol. Eeek!

The entertainment was just as new to me (though probably not to anyone else on the planet). Besides the fantastic accents and lots of French flowing in the background; we ended up playing Rock Band on the XBox. As a XBox virgin, let's just say 62% to 77% in 3 songs ain't too bad!


niamh said...

It's crazy here how international life is, and how everyone accepts it as normal. Very different to my childhood Ireland but a vast improvement!
PS - have moved blog homes since I last posted here!

Viajera said...

Sounds like Canada, only less diverse. When are you traveling this side of the world? The Olympics are on (hint, hint!). ;)