Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Can't Stop Dancing

I just can't stay away from the flashmobs it seems! How weird is it that I've done two in just a couple of months? :-)

Don't things come in threes? I wonder what's next.


Niamh Griffin said...

How funny! Pity more people didn't join in this time. Go you!

rock2monster said...

okay, as a close friend, i have some alternative sports for you to try...what i'm trying to say is...well, you guys in cork seem to have entirely toooooo much time and not enough creative in the states, we just pull guns and shoot guys torture your victims for visual minutes on end...i will pray the situation improves for you and you always have ME to fall back on...which would be great if i was a working kind of guy...did i mention, 'nice mall' and i'm sure my christmas gift in hung up at your face...
michael p. ferguson-
the pride of the carolinas-
last of the earthangels~

Viajera said...

wait a minute!! YOU are in this? LOL! Awesome!

Sirmelja said...

Isn't it hysterical? :-)

Michael, Customs just called to say that they're just gonna take a little more time to go over that package in fine-toothed detail. You keep waiting though! :-)