Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brain Fart

Mea Culpa! I can't believe this, but while doing some housecleaning on the blog today I found this post from October that I never posted.

Sorry Niamh, I promise I didn't mean to be rude or ignore you!

Original text of post below:

Niamh is so cool! She nominated me as a Kreativ Blogger because she likes my take on expat life in Ireland and she thinks I'm funny. Boy, do I have her fooled! :-)

As with everything though, there's a catch. As in rules. But definitely ones I can live with: Link back to Niamh at Writer on the Way Home (now Irish Wanderings) because I think her blog is really thoughtful... and funny; List 7 things I love.

7 Things I Love:
  1. Spending the day in my pajamas reading a book or catching up on my DVR
  2. My cat lying on my chest and kneading my collarbone with her paw. Kitty love!
  3. Belazu Balsamic Vinegar. When was the last time I actively researched a food item on the net and tracked it down because I couldn't live without it? I'd do it again for this lovely item!
  4. Hugs from my niece and nephew. Any contact with my niece and nephew :-)
  5. E-books. Having gone through the trauma of packing up (most) and selling (too many) of my books for the big move, I'm never putting myself in that position again! A portable harddrive is sooo much easier to move :-)
  6. Speaking of which... my portable harddrive. Almost as small as my Palm Pilot PDA, but can hold 300 Mb.
  7. And, as always... fried, ripe plantains.


Viajera said...

300 MB?! Okay you need help here. You can get a TERABYTE of storage for about $100 CDN.

Damn, those fried plantains look good. Can you get them in IE? We mostly get crappy ones in Canada.

Sirmelja said...

Everything in moderation. What the heck would I need a TB for? Really?? Plus, by the time I'd be anywhere near filling that up, they'll be selling that for 15 bucks or something :-)

Surprisingly we can get pretty good ones here. Not sure why. Maybe the proximity to London (aka Jamaica 2.0)?

jamie (aka afro) said...

i enjoy my cat as well. he's not super affectionate, but he's apt to purr and cuddle in the morning (when he wants food).

lurve fried plantains as well.

2 questions:

1. how easy is it to get plantain, goat, ackee, etc in ireland?

2. is there much racism against blacks in ireland? i heard on rte recently about an east indian lad who was being taunted by the opposing team while playing futbol.

Sirmelja said...

Ackee - virtually impossible to find. Now that I used up both of my carefully saved tins at Christmas, I'm on the desperate lookout for more. Plantains - 5 minutes away at the English Market. Goat? - I haven't even tried. Everytime I try to cook it it turns out kind of meh!

There's stupid people everywhere, but I haven't run into any racism myself here. In fact, it's kind of nice to be away from the pervasive black-while dynamic that rules the U.S. mindset. Here, I just feel like myself.

niamh said...

Never had plantains but they look yummy! And now I'm curious about that vinegar too:)

Sirmelja said...

Now, if only there was a way to combine the two, I'd be a happy woman! Niamh, you should be able to find plantains easily in the Dublin area. Here in Cork, they're sold by Superfruit at the English Market and Douglas Village shopping centre. If all else fails, check with Asian shops or African ones.

jamie (aka afro) said...

Saw your comment on twitter about the iPhone. Was wondering if an american iPhone would work in ireland? Just change service providers and get a new sim card?

Sirmelja said...

You know, I'm not sure. I have the feeling not though. Apple is really good about making sure they get their money :-) But, I could be wrong.