Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On A Good Week

il mondo è fatto a scale [stairs in lecce, sal...Image by Paolo Màrgari via Flickr

  • Aero Tone on Monday
  • Spin and Tone on Tuesday
  • Total Tone on Wednesday
  • Spinning and salsa class on Thursday
With this schedule, you'd think I'd feel in better shape. So why does climbing that second set of stairs at the gym kill me every. single. time?!
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Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

I have an award for you, pick it up on my blog.

niamh said...

But what about Fridays?! That's the key:)

Viajera said...

Jay-zus! I feel tired just reading this post! Keep up the good work but... Try not to hurt yourself! :)

Convenor said...

We'd be very glad if you would feature/link to/follow/blogroll our blog:

Especially in honour of our ongoing Cork feature:

Up Cork!

Sirmelja said...

Thanks Imperfect! You're a doll.

Niamh - Fridays are for vegging on the couch before possible salsa dancing :-)

Thanks Viajera! You'll notice I said a "good" week :-)