Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wait... what?

Common sights here that still make me do a double take or go "huh", even after 2-1/2 years:

Shoppers walking away from the grocery store with 1, 2, even a stack of items in their hands. Likely they either forgot their reusable bags and didn't want to pay the 21 cents for a cheap plastic one, or didn't have anymore space in their backpack/shoulder bag/etc.

Dogs being walked without being on the leash. Small dogs, big ones, scary ones, multiple ones. And forget pooper scooping. I think I've seen a couple of people with the telltale plastic bags in their hands since I've been living here. Keeping an eye on the sidewalk when you're walking is always a smart idea. You never know what doggy "gift" you might run into.

Men and boys pushing prams/strollers while out for their walk or strolling around the neighborhood.

Color-dotted sheep roaming the fields. What's the meaning of the pink and blue markings?

Tiny little cars everywhere. So cute!


SDG said...

I see dogs off the lead quite a bit out in Cali. I do find the sheep and the carrying of packages with no bags pretty funny though.

Anonymous said...

LOL I loved hearing about my city.....I don't live in Ureland anymore and I MISS UT,,,, The dots on the sheep are so the farmers know that they are from that herd, Sort of a crude ID system I think LOL

niamh said...

Yes, the spots are to claim the sheep - instead of branding. Have to confess to carrying my shopping (hangs head in shame) and yes it is usually because I forgot my cute bag and am way too cheap to pay for plastic! Plus carrying plastic bags is like being a criminal nowadays!

Amy said...

and why do all the walkers have sticks?? I rarely see them used as walking sticks. Is it to fend off the stray dogs?

I have seen the dogs carrying the long sticks before and that made me laugh.

Sirmelja said...

The problem with the colors as ID is that it seems *everybody* uses the same 2 colors! Don't things get confused? Although, there aren't going to be too many different flocks (herds?) of sheep in the same area.

No need for shame, Niamh, I've carried my shopping too :-) I'm always forgetting the dang bags! Though, my cavernous shoulder bag often serves double duty if I just have to make a short trip.

Welcome, Amy! I have no idea why the sticks. Let me know if you find out! :-)

Anonymous said...

So true! I've found myself carrying shopping too. It's not that I am not willing to pay the 21 cents for a bag as much as I am not willing to qualify the creation of yet another plastic bag by buying it. I almost always have one of my market totes (I am getting quite a lovely collection) with me, but some things are just too big, like the ten-pack of toilet paper. It's always interesting how no one notices when I walk down the street with 60 rolls of TP.