Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Sexy open-toed sandals, a pretty patterned top and my new "boyfriend" jeans were the wardrobe of the day today as I lounged on the river balcony of the French wine bar with a friend enjoying a lovely dessert and a sparkling drink under a cloudless blue sky.

17 gorgeous degrees Celsius (63 F) after our bitter winter made this just a gorgeous day. I even had to take off my light jacket because it was too warm.

It was niiiice and, as a result, I'm feeling pretty full of myself as you can tell :-) Watch out, the sap it is arising!


Niamh said...

Go the sap:) It's been a long, long winter indeed! Clouding over a little in Dublin today - fingers crossed it blows over and the sunshine stays!

Alida said...

I am longing for sandal days myself!

Sirmelja said...

We've had a shocking amount of sunshine, haven't we? The only problem is now my hopes are rising that we might actually have a summer, and we know how likely that is! :-)

My feet, they love the sandals. They just want to be freeee! :-)