Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flashback or Deja Vu?

Tonight felt so familiar. A group of hysterically funny women having too much fun together to worry about whether they're being too loud. Only instead of my Friday Night Girlfriend posse in the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham, NC) drinking Maker's Mark or wine and lounging around one of our houses, it was a group of 50+ year old Irish women and I lounging in the pub next door to the church where we'd all just finished choir practice drinking hot port, hot whiskey, and tea.



Anonymous said...

So true, fun nights out have no age barrier here unlike what I was used to seeing in the States. Last month, my father was visiting and we happened to have a friend's birthday night out to attend so we brought him along. No one batted an eyelash and they didn't think I was at all peculiar to bring my dad out to the pub. I love that! Ode to the Irish pub, for letting the craic (fun, good times) be enjoyed by generations side-by-side.

Sirmelja said...

Good to hear from you, slaintecork! I had a similar experience this summer when friends were visiting and brought their 5 year old daughter. I love the fact that kids are welcome in pubs (as long as it's not too late!). It definitely makes for a different kind of atmosphere, not at all like the bars in the States.