Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Amazing Is My Sister?

So, it's the day after I arrive in Miami for the Christmas holiday and my sister has graciously brought me, not just to the hair salon to get my relaxer touched up, but also trekked with me through the shopping mall as I went crazy with all the 50% off sales in my favorite shops.

After driving me to The Falls, for a second round of shopping, we finish our little argument about what to get for lunch and start toward the crepes place at the food court.

I'll boast and say that I was the one who first heard the cries for a doctor and that I did not freak out at all when I found myself holding the woman having the seizure while she jerked and vomited and overall had a very bad day.

But, my little sister was the one who immediately went into medical/work mode (she's a Physician Assistant in an ER), assessing, monitoring and reassuring the poor woman until the EMT's arrived. I have to admit that lil sis was slightly scary in the midst of her impressiveness :-) Clearly this is not a woman to be messed with! She's used to being in control of the situation and does not tolerate unnecessary intrusions or silly/stupid questions when she's doing her job. For goodness sakes onlookers, no yelling multiple questions from the numerous 911 operators you have on your cellphones, and no pseudo-medical advice shouted her way, otherwise you're going to get your heads bitten off! :-)

Once the paramedics got there and she gave her report (just like on ER!) and handed the poor lady off, we just walked off like nothing had happened and went to get our crepes.

Slightly surreal but little sister done good!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed peeking into the door of your day's activities in the mall... could understand the emergency that presented itself ... as did the seriousness with which your sister handled what was going on.... glad you had an eventful christmas holiday... mom

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you outed me on your blog!!! I never new that you wrote about this. it made me laugh. I didn't mean to scare you & that lady meant well, she just picked a "difficult moment" to try to interrupt me. I was nice to her after as a way of apologizing ;-)

Love CB

Sirmelja said...

Mom - thankfully that was the most eventful thing that happened. Otherwise it was a great visit!

Sis - no outing. Just trying to let my little corner of the world know how cool you are! :-) You were very nice to her. I just thought it was interesting to see your "work mode".

Mica said...

How could we have lunch and you not mention this memorable moment of your holiday?

Sirmelja said...

LOL, Mica. The experience felt surreal but actually not that far out of the ordinary. I don't know why or why I was so calm. Maybe it is watching too many medical and scientific shows on TV. It didn't even cross my mind to bring it up; there was so much else to talk about! It's not like we ever lack for conversation :-)