Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birthday Surprises

So, the Big 4-0 is almost here, only 7 days to go, and I've already begun receiving some really great perks! My coworkers threw me a birthday lunch on Tuesday, complete with food (yes!), a beautiful filigree silver and onyx necklace, and a bouquet of flowers. So sweet of them!
Then, yesterday, the doorbell-from-hell rang as I was rushing to leave for work (late as usual), and what should I find leaning on my doorstep but a satisfyingly weighty box from my best friend, Heather, in San Diego. A total surprise :-) Can't wait to open it!

Almost as good a gift, though not necessarily birthday related, was this pair of beauties from friends at church:

"Dork Balls" - perfect name for the dorkiest, but most fun, pair of socks I now own! :-)

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