Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I do much more of in Cork than I did back home

  1. Walk.
  2. Watch where I'm walking very carefully. I think it must be city life (admittedly Raleigh is not your typical urban environment), but the amount of crap on the sidewalks I have to watch out for is frightening! Dog poo (apparently walking your dog here means letting it out on it's own to roam the streets), globs of spit (how hard would it be to aim your bodily secretions onto the road rather than where other, more civilized people have to put their feet?!), upchuck from people drinking waaay too much before walking home
  3. Carry reusable shopping bags. I heartily endorse the idea of reducing the amount of plastic bags littering the countryside and stuffing the landfills.
  4. Texting. I've become much more proficient with the thumb typing since I've been here.
  5. Tea! Day in and night. And not just the fun herbal stuff, though I found a great sorrel and ginger blend at the English Market that I'm totally in love with! At home I was the weirdo who liked to drink tea instead of coffee, but here I'm a wimp. Irish (and British) teas are so, so much stronger than what you find in your typical U.S. grocery store. I've had to cut down on my intake because it was giving me gastritis! Wimp.


n'Drea said...

Ahm, #2 was just gross. I was genuinely shocked.

Sirmelja said...

Sad to say n'drea, I've gotten more used to it. I don't notice it or think about it as much, though it still does gross me out. I think there are just a lot of young men (with all the lack of manners that can imply) around, and a lot of drinking goes on here!

sillygirltree said...

he he he, your #2 made me laugh. i lived in Cork from 1999-2004, and boy is there dog poop on the sidewalks! I'm sad to hear that it is still there. I know this comment is very belated...but I just found your blog and am reading your archives. Cork is one of the greatest places to live!

sidenote - I'm living in Japan now and the other day I actually saw a woman 'catch' dog poop as her dog was in the act. I was grossed out...but I suppose it keeps the sidewalks tidy.

Sirmelja said...

Catching it in the act? First of all... ewww! Secondly, does this imply great reflexes on her part, or simply a very slow poop exit?

Ok, now I've grossed myself out!