Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gaudi rocks!

After 18 years, I have officially resumed my traveling adventures. Somehow I don't count moving to Ireland. I live here now, I'm supposed to try to see everything. But, maybe it's actually something closer to why I don't count Britain either. Being able to understand the language (mostly, with careful attention) takes away some of that adrenaline-fueled mix of excitement and terror that makes for a real getaway.

Thanks to Aer Lingus, I flew to Barcelona this weekend for less than it cost me to take the train to Dublin a month ago. How weird is that? Yes mom, I traveled by myself :-) I think I needed to do it to prove to myself that I could. Barcelona was great. Yes, the language caused a couple of hiccups, but having grown up in Miami definitely helped in negotiating some of the basics. Plus, gesturing is almost the universal language. I got by.

Barcelona is a beautiful city with a great Mediterranean feel - palm trees interspersed with knobby, almost aspen-like trees. Very walkable with intriguing little squares and something interesting around every corner. Amazing architecture. The colors, ceramics, and organic shapes of Modernisme were just astonishing. I used up the majority of my camera's battery power taking shots of all things Gaudi - Casa Batllo! La Sagrada Familia!! The man was a genius. Needless to say, I can't wait to go back, though I definitely plan to drag someone else with me next time.

I promise, my pictures will be coming soon. I'm hoping I got some good ones. The camera I borrowed from my sister seems to just eat battery power, so I'm not sure I got all the shots I tried for.


Benb Gallaher said...

Greetings from Maine, USA!

Thank you for this blog. My family is moving to Cork at the end of March, and we would love to hear any advice or insight that you might have (e.g., information about employment). Again, thank you.

Be well --
Benb Gallaher

Sirmelja said...

Benb, glad to hear you and your family chose Cork. There's loads to tell about the whole moving process, though I've vented about quite a bit of it in earlier posts, so I'd suggest reading back in the archive then dropping me an email with specific questions. Employment is a biggie - you should definitely have a job offer in hand before coming over.

I'll tell you what really helped me - reading all the blogs I could find, you've already started that :-), and checking out some of the forums out there on moving to Ireland (e.g.,

Hope you keep checking back, and definitely feel free to comment or email with any questions!