Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hand in Hand

Pretty cool even if the music (and crowd shots) are pretty sappy. Clearly these are dancers with skilz!


tpe said...

Yay. It actually took me a wee while to realise that the woman was missing an arm. Weird. Anyway, I think the man is probably the more impressive of the two, but they make a pretty good team, don't they?

I always like this sort of thing because I like seeing people simply getting on with it and laughing, really, in the face of their difficulties.

The weeping crowd guys quite probably need harmed, though. Inspiring, sure, but get a grip for pity's sake, you emotionally incontinent crowd guys, you. Deary me.

Anyway, that was really good, thanks, although I do wonder why you were searching for amputee dancers on youtube.

Hope all is well in the land of Sirmelja.

Kind regards etc....


Sirmelja said...

Yeah, can you imagine the strength it takes to lift another person using only one arm and missing one leg? Amazing.

No fetishes involved, I promise. My relatives send me the most interesting things sometimes :-)


I believe you. It was your relatives. Okay. Good.

(Just you keep on telling yourself that, Sirmelja.)

Sirmelja said...

Ha! I come by all this honestly, I tell ya.