Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis Finally The Season

I've been putting off getting too involved in the Christmas mania till now, not so much for any deep-seated trauma or drama... I'm just a procrastinator. There, the truth is out!

Combine my little personal foibles and the dread of dealing with the Cork Christmas shopping nightmare or braving the post office, and that means 3 weeks before Christmas was the first shopping foray.

I'm keeping things simple this year - largely because I'm plumb out of ideas - so I'm actually delegating much of the shopping handiwork to my mother and sister in Miami. I've dredged up some ideas and I'm leaving it up to them to drive to the Miami shopping malls to carry out their appointed missions. Cowardly, I know, but this year I'm embracing my spinelessness without a hint of shame :-)

If this all works out the way I hope, I'll stop procrastinating even further by finishing this post, then doing the wrapping and the boxing in preparation for the P.O. run tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Niamh Griffin said...

Sounds efficient to me! Good luck with that:)
Hope you got through the floods ok?

Sirmelja said...

Thanks Niamh. Yep, I was lucky, the water didn't even get to my street so I escaped unscathed.

kemarias said...

I've been in Florida a couple of years now and it never feels like Christmas here. I do miss the snow at Christmas time. Hope your family enjoys their christmas here.

Amy said...

Hello, just wanted to ID myself as one of those random ppl who found you online. I'm moving from Indiana to Co. Cork in a couple months for a year and just trying to get a sense of what it's like! Threw you in my reader. Happy holidays!

Sirmelja said...

Kemarias, it's all what you're used to I guess. I grew up in Jamaica and Miami, so Christmas was always warm. Nothing like hanging out outside after Christmas dinner in a skimpy top to make you feel festive :-)

Welcome Amy! You're going to love Cork. I do. Are you coming for school?

Amy said...

Nope, job. My employer here has a plant in Kinsale and is footing the bill for housing/car too!