Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still Quite American

Random evidence from today that I have not yet completely acclimated to the Emerald Isle:
  1. Have had the "Where are you from?" conversation several times today in response to being outed by my accent. From the guy at the food stall at Mahon Point's Thursday Farmer's Market, to the letting agent showing me available apartments (I'm getting tired of of the one I'm in), to 2 friends of friends at the pub tonight. They all have lived in or visited extensively in the States, but none of them could accurately locate North Carolina geographically.
  2. Had another "what the heck is he saying?" moment in response to the pizza delivery guy's strong Cork accent. It still gets me sometimes. But I love hearing "You're a star" added on to the "thanks" at the end of sentences :-)
  3. When my friend texted asking me to meet up with her and her partner* at the bar/restaurant down the road for some "scoops", my first reaction was "I didn't know Barry's served ice cream?!" It literally took me 5 minutes to figure out/vaguely remember that "scoops" is slang for drinks. And, yes, I did end up googling it to verify :-)
* For you Americans: no, "partner" doesn't mean she's gay. It's the generic word here for serious, long-term relationship, legally binding or not.


Anonymous said...

People add "you're a star" to the end of "thanks"? Really? I love it!

Sirmelja said...

Certainly not all the time, I think it's much more of a Cork thing. But hearing it always makes me feel good :-)