Sunday, September 21, 2008

Escape From Cork

After a week of true work hellishness (though I take pains to point out that this still does not bring my job anywhere even close to the status of Job From Hell), I escaped my rampant sense of failure and inadequacy by jaunting off to Galway for the weekend to meet a friend.

Galway was great - pretty town on the coast with loads of time spent just walking around, eating, drinking and people watching :-) It was made even better by the fact that we had almost perfect weather! Sunny, blue skies and gorgeous temps. I had to wear my sunglasses! And I even pushed up the sleeves on my sweater a few times. Amazing.

Sadly, no pictures of the pretty town, my amazingly small B&B room with the Thumbelina-sized shower stall, or of me looking stylishly "hot" because I accidentally reformatted the memory card :-( But I'll be going back, I'm sure, so will have some to post in the future.

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