Monday, April 2, 2007

The time, the time!

It's April already! My To Do list is already long and getting longer all the time. I'm still not sure exactly when I'm leaving, but my best guess is sometime in early to mid-June. So much to do, so little time! Thankfully, my sister just informed me that she, hubby, and the kids will be descending upon me in a few weeks. I can't wait! I get to play with the cutest kids in the world and practice being the cool aunt, hang out with the best brother-in-law in the world, and soak up the presence of my "favorite" sister! :-) Plus, I'm really looking forward to having my sister help me sort through all my books (something she's been begging me to let her do for years!) and having my brother-in-law around to help with all the stuff that testosterone is good for. There are reasons why men are useful to have around! :-)

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