Thursday, April 26, 2007

Funk-induced ranting

Remember my earlier post about things I hate (see #3)? Why do people, even professionals in a business environment, think nothing of backing out of their given word? In the last 4 days, I've had 3 specific promises broken outright by the paperwork facilitator girl at the recruiter's office. After telling me time and time again, "I'll call you at such and such a time. Is that OK?", she then proceeds to NOT call! These are not promises I've solicited, but completely spontaneous on her part. Don't tell me you're going to call if you're not sure! It just makes me MORE anxious! Don't you get it?! Yesterday, I fell into a huge funk because I was on edge waiting for the 2nd (or was it the 3rd) promised call that never came. I was so preoccupied and disappointed that I couldn't even enjoy the work "party" we had. I even refused cake!! When I saw today's email, again promising a call later today, my immediate thought was "You lie!" And, I was not proven wrong.

The long and short of it people, is that I still don't know what the outcome is of the big review meeting (for Irish professional licensure) that was held on Friday. At this rate, I'll get the d-mn notification in writing before I hear anything from their "inside source".


Nia said...

Tell me dear, you want to live and work in Ireland, right? And you don't have a job there yet and I presume you don't have a way in place to earn a living via your work using your own laptop/notebook and an internet connection? Okay...

(1) Why not pretend that since you don't have income that you are going to
()(a) Seek employment
()(b) figure out how to earn income as a virtual assistant
()(b) look for work that will pay you in terms of food, housing and utiltiey plus a sipend
()(c) assess how much cash you could rais in a week and how you could use ha cahs to live in Ireland

In otherwords, you have one poker in the fire, that's good. Ball is in theri court. You can call once a day, fine. but you've got 23.75 hours left of the day!

Adventure? check out Workers on Organic Farms (WOOF) or "Intentional Commnities"...I mean there is so much to consider.

YOu don't even know who you will be working with at this could-be job offer in the wings. Why not go to the place of propsoed employment to see if you even like the vibe?

Now It's May 4th. I'm responding to a post of April 26th so I'm hoping your vision has expanded since then.

Take care and have fun. You're there (or will be there) for adventure, right? "desperate bid to inject some fun and adventure into her life"

All the best, Nia. :)

Sirmelja said...

Umm, I'm a little confused. There seems to be a lot going on in this comment. Let me respond to the pertinent parts: Yes, I do have a job offer, which I've accepted, so I do know where my money is coming from; I probably wouldn't be the best farm worker; I'm definitely coming to Ireland for the adventure, but it's about taking the leap and challenging myself. Did I answer your questions? I'm not even sure there were questions :-)

Anonymous said...

I am once again trying to figure out how to post a comment - hopefully this works. I agree with you - it's terrible when people tell you that they will call by a certain date and then they do not call when promised. If it's in a romantic situation, we now know that it means that he's not into you. But, what happens when it's a professional or a friend? Are we to think that the person is not that into us - whether on a professional or friendship level - Bottom line, to avoid these speculations, I suggest a rule: people, in general, shouldn't say that they will call at a specific time/date unless they plan to live up to their assertion. Also, if the person has a great explanation for the failure to call, we should be willing to forgive and forget because life is hectic but if it becomes a habit . . . we should probably tell the person about their repeated faux pas. What do you think?

Arlene said...

Anonymous/M., you know I agree with you! We always seem to be on the same page.

Glad you finally figured out how to comment :-)