Monday, April 9, 2007

Things I Hate!

1) Companies that withdraw my favorite products/items. Am I that odd that nobody else likes the things I'm addicted to? I still miss, crave (and complain bitterly about every chance I get, even after almost 10 years) Ben and Jerry's Dastardly Mash ice cream. A combination of New York Super Fudge Chunk and raisins. Mmmm, creamy goodness! What is it about raisins that just makes the world a little brighter place?

Panera Bread also episodically will remove my favorite salad, the Fandango. And, now, Quizno's Subs has decided, in some flash of stupid corporate reasoning, to phase out the Cabo Chicken sandwich. It's the best thing in there you stupid, bureaucratic numbskulls! OK, maybe it's only my opinion, but there must be someone else out there who agrees with me? Tell me I'm not crazy and that that combination of chicken, bacon, chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese, spring mix and guacamole doesn't completely do it for you?!

2) Drivers who don't use their indicator. It's basic courtesy and consideration for everybody else on the road. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?

3) Unprofessional behavior. Getting back to someone in the timeframe you specifically promised, or at least letting them know that things are delayed, is also simple, basic courtesy. I got an email today telling me that the Saudi Arabia job I'd applied for 2 months ago is now approved. For all the money I could have thought to ask for! $97,000 in a country with no taxes would be equal to about $126,000 (gross in the US) + free housing and no transportation costs. If I'd received this offer 2 months ago, when they were supposed to get back to me, I would have been hardpressed not to accept. Of course, I would be having some second thoughts now, what with Iran rattling it's sabers and the rest of the Gulf states buying up weapons at an increased rate. But still, it would only have been for a year or two! Hmmm, and I've only accepted the "temporary" offer from Ireland, nothing's permanent yet.... I can almost hear my mother crying out, "Nooo!!!" Don't worry mom, I remember what you taught me about keeping a promise :-) Plus, now I'm already emotionally committed to Ireland. And, really, what's a few more bucks anyway?

I have to think that this is the Lord's leading, telling me that Ireland is where I'm supposed to be. And, in a way, I guess I get the best of both worlds - after years of feeling like I had so few options in terms of job availability in the U.S., now I know my skills are wanted somewhere!

OK, so I know there are only 3 things on this list, but it is Easter, so I'm trying to be thankful for all my gifts. Still, these 3 had to be said.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Well I for one am glad you are coming to Ireland. Not sure what industry you work in, but I can tell you that most people I know who start out on a temporary contract either just keep having that contract renewed (particularly if working for the government) or get a permanent offer afterwards. In fact, I can only think of one instance in which someone was not renewed - and they were told from the outset there were limited funds and that would be the way it was. So hopefully it all works out!!

Anonymous said...

You are a sick, sick woman! But you crack me up & that's why I love you.
I sooo agree w/ you about people who don't use their turn signal. RUDE!! You all must have been raised by wolves and eat with our feet because you have nooo manners or concern for others.USE YOUR SIGNAL!!!! not that this bothers me by the way :-)
P.S. your crazy nephew is turning my hair gray by the day. But how do you stay mad at a kid as cute as he is. God help me

Crusty Butt :-)

the infamous mom said...

Read all your blogger??? entries... had a good time laughing at most of your frustrations, but understand.. as for the turn without signalling PERSON.. I have learned to be a mind reader.. I can jus about know when this behaviour sill occur... sorry about all your favorite sweets that are being discontinued.. shame on you BEN AND JERRY... as for the NEW HAIRDO you may have to use.. PLEASE... NO AFRO :) mom

Sirmelja said...

Is there something you're trying to say about the shape of my head, mom? I didn't used to be pointy headed. Remember the afro I had in high school? This was after the Jeri Curl fiasco. Anybody remember the Jeri Curl? What a dark moment in the 80's that was! Of course the 80's as a whole could be seen as just one failed experiment after another! :-)

Sirmelja said...

Thanks Beth. I guess I haven't been that anxious about the whole contract issue. Arrogant of me, maybe? I've just been assuming that I could get it extended if I wanted to, as long as I didn't screw things up too badly :-) I work in the social services field (I know, pretty vague) and there seems to be quite a few openings out there, so I'm not too worried about finding another job if this one doesn't work out.

Anonymous said...

I found this page while searching for "cabo chicken discontinued". I miss it too and judging by the number of search hits, so do many other people.

Sirmelja said...

Thank goodness, I was thinking I was the only one with this particular craving! :-)