Saturday, October 26, 2013

Expats Everywhere Do It

If you're reading this and are not (yet) an expat, it probably stumps you a bit why there's so much complaining on our part about the countries we live in.  It can seem ungrateful.  Ugly American-ish (or British, whatever). 

There's a bit of that, of course.  The reality is that we're all used to doing things the way everyone else around us has done them for millenia, and finding out that millions of seemingly intelligent people do them completely differently, can make your brain explode just a little bit.

I've been guilty myself of a tad bit of complaining about Irish differences in the six years I've been here (remember, TV lies!), but here's evidence that it's all part and parcel of the expat experience.  And it doesn't matter at ALL where you go, you're gonna wanna rip somebody's head off once in awhile.  Even in lovely Sweden.


Powderhoney said...

i hear you, I only started appreciating Vienna once I left. I mean , we were rated most valuable cities to live in, continuously for 5 years, and i still found reasons to complain. ridiculous.

now, im just grateful.

Mandy Indonesia said...

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