Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barack Obama and the Voice of God

I came across this great Time Magazine article, Barack Obama and the Voice of God, while studying up on my my new, emerging passion, voice over narration.

You know voice overs, you just don't know you know.  Actually, you hear them 50 million times a day  - virtually every TV commercial, radio promo, continuity spiel between TV shows, public service announcement, documentary, telephone on-hold or interactive or voicemail system.  Every cartoon character, stuffed toy that speaks or makes a funny noise, video game character, company training video and audiobook, ALL use professional artists to voice the script.

They're like air, you never notice how ubiquitous voiceovers are until you start paying attention.  Well, I love to read and my job is already to talk, so I think this would be a natural transition for me.  Now, just to get some training and coaching so I actually know what I'm doing!

Anyway, back to my original point... this is one of those articles that points out something that you never ever realized was case, but afterward wonder how you could have missed it!  "God" is African-American.  He used to be British, but that's so last century!  So, is it so much of surprise that Barack Obama actually won the Presidency?  If "God" can be black, why not the most well-known man on the planet?

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Amy said...

One of my student jobs in college was to read a biochem textbook to tape (cassette tape!!) for a student who had a reading disability. It was a great job for a dorky introvert who liked science! I could do it in my room whenever I had time. I don't think I have any kind of a public voice but at least I could pronounce the words.