Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Reason To Miss Target

I'm attending a potluck meet up of Americans tomorrow with the theme of Mexican food.  We're all so excited because, Mexican food here?  Not good. 

While shopping for ingredients to the cucumber salad and the avocado and goat cheese dip I'm making, I had a brainstorm... margaritas!  Woohoo!!  What would make Mexican food even better?  Tequilaaaah. 

Unfortunately, I quickly came up on another roadblock placed by Rip-Off Ireland.  One pint-sized bottle of tequila = 35 euro!  What??? 

I soooo miss the Margarita Bucket mix from Tar-gay!  Add a bottle, freeze to slushiness in the (full-sized) freezer, and voila!  Good times.

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af said...

America has alot to offer when it comes to food and drink.
In America we are so used to being able to get burgers n fries, mexican and chinese food all on the same block. but i'm guessing it's not like that over there in Ireland.

But on the bright side there are probably some really good Irish dishes over there that we can't get over here in the states.

I'm glad to hear that you're connecting with other ex-pats. Helps one to remember home and not be as homesick.

I like target alot as well. I remember Target back in the 90s when they didn't have the food section so it's kind of interesting to see how things have changed. I like getting snacks and stuff there. They have an entire isle dedicated to trail mix/mixed nuts which is pretty cool.

Can you purchase things online from the states or is it too expensive to do so?