Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I can't believe this country has yet to discover the joy that is fake orange cheese.  For a nation built on the back of agriculture and with such a strong dairy background, you'd think they'd have made the wonder-filled leap to virtual cheesiness by now.

Boxes of Cheez-Its and tubs of Utz cheese balls?  Nope, not a bit.  True Vermont sharp cheddar cheese?  Nowhere to be found and, to be frank, "mature" cheddar is just not the same.  And my most immediate frustration at the grocery store today....Why, oh why can I not find any cheddar-flavored rice cakes??  Caramel, triple berry yoghurt flavor, organic hazelnut and chocolate, it's all there.  But no cheesey goodness.

Really Irish people, there's no reason to fear the fake cheese.  Embrace the chemically formulated goodness!


af said...

Ireland has got to get with the times and embrace the fake cheese haha!

I'm personally not a fan of the taste of sharp/strong cheddar cheese (the kind that's in cheez-its). But i do like goldfish and ritz bitz crackers.

Hope you had a goodtime on vacay.

Sirmelja said...

Thanks af, I had a fantastic time on vacation! But, don't let me get started about RyanAir and their evilness!! Sharp cheddar = yummy :-) Have you ever tried the Jack flavored Cheeze-Its? Though, I guess that counts as sharp for you though.

Viajera said...

I LOVE this stuff. Never had this particular brand, though. Actually, I've not seen it in Canada either.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! The giant bucket of cheeseballs is the best! I just got JB a big container of Utz cheeseballs for his birthday! :)

I can send you some cheez-its if you need an artificial cheese fix. My friend is dating a guy who works at the cheez-it plant in Cary. He just gave her a case of them for free. :)

NFAH said...

I could not love this post more... I get Cheez-its mailed to me from the US regularly, whenever I can get them. And don't forget, you can buy yellow cheez in a shaker (like parmesan) in the US too! I miss the yellow cheez goodness.