Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day One

The theme for today is Family and (locally sourced) Food.

Happily spent a couple of hours letting my dad name and give the back story for virtually every tree and flowering stake in his yard.  In the process have eaten a not quite ripe cherry, and a young guava and orange, picked limes and ackees, and helped cut a banana bunch from on of the many trees with my dad's trusty machete.  Who knew you had to let the "hands" drain after you cut them from the bunch? 

The trip to the outdoor farm market was only slightly less adventurous.  It would have made a fantastic picture.  Too bad I stupidly forgot my camera.  I'll have to try to make it back there again. before I leave.


Viajera said...

Guava AND cherry?!!! *drool!!* Man, I haven't seen or tasted the local cherries in over a decade. :(

af said...

Sounds like you're having fun in jamrock! being able to go out to your own yard and harvest fresh fruits/vegetables is the best!

stay safe and keep us updated

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Jamaica, mon. Sorry, had to type that.
I'll bet you'll even miss the Emerald Isle.