Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Minute Panic

What is it with guys? Or maybe it's just Irish guys.

Barely a whisper of interest at the (salsa) club all night and I leave demoralized by the lack of dancing. Then 2:00 am hits and the minute the lights go on I'm getting random lines thrown at me left and right. The whole walk home is an exercise in keeping a straight face while getting hit on by the drunk and the unlucky.

Should I just be pleased that I'm getting any interest at all or insulted that it all seems to be prompted by last minute desperation?

I think I'm choosing Door #2.


Viajera said...

Let me give you the Canadian take on it: My sisters have declared that Canadian men only take the initiative with afro-Canadian women on...St. Patty's Day.

No, I didn't make that up. We had a long conversation about this, this...Dutch courage (?).

I think the lads sometimes need a little courage to work up to you (I realize that may have nothing to do with "race").

This doesn't mean that they are eligible or that you should be so desperate as to want to get with some guy who'll look at you with an adoring drunk, cross-eyed stare right before vomiting on your fave sexy shirt.

Doesn't mean the opposite either.

Guess my point is I wouldn't put too much weight on the significance of these encounters. It's a hit or miss in da club, whether it's up north, down south or right in the middle of Cork.

Plus, I've heard that the bar/club isn't that great a spot to meet nice guys anyway. It has and could happen, but a bar/club is not Great Catch central.

Now if you're up for a real frisky shag... Different story! ;D

Sirmelja said...

I totally understand about the bar/club not being the best place to actually meet somebody, it's just the contrast that night was stark. Plus, I'm kind of in a pessimistic (and cynical) place about the whole meeting somebody/dating scene right now :-(

Niamh Griffin said...

I agree with Viajera - just changing the nationality to Irish. Men here are as a general rule quite lacking in confidence and they really seem to need the beers to come and talk to strangers. I've had the same thing happen or had guys watching me from the faaaar corner of the bar but not coming over. Friends have warned me not to initiate the conversation as this apprently makes them run away even faster! So what's a girl to do?? My new theory is keeping bars for hanging out with mates and just not even thinking about dating!