Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paradise Found

Sunshine filtering through the trees, splashing on the redwood deck. Hanging baskets of orchids and poinsettias in tubs beneath palm and fruit trees swaying in the breeze. Water trickling musically in the new fountain off the front deck while the wind coaxes impromptu melodies from hidden chimes. Dog snoozing on the newly cleaned carpets, back legs twitching in happy dreams. Niece and nephew cuddling with me on the couch, manic grin on T's face, A's curly braids jiggling as she happily tells the story of her day. Sis and BIL snogging in the kitchen. Me soaking it all in.


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I;m waiting for your new posts.

chib said...


Sound good, kept ma self in imagination. I was carried away.

Nice hand artist eh!
Good blog

Anonymous said...

Love the Imagery!! I never thought of my home that way; maybe I should more often. It sounds very decadent. When I look at it through your literary eyes, maybe I do live a decadent life. Thank you. I miss you already.

Love CB

p.s. you should write a book ;-)

Sirmelja said...

Thanks Dyanna and Chib. Keep on reading!

Sis, you DO live a great life. Enjoy it! Thanks for giving me a *decadent* refuge where I can escape.