Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maybe not quite so American anymore

I watched the Eurovision song contest tonight from start to finish and snarkily enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the hotness of Mr. Denmark and Mr. Greece :-)

In the last month I've also gotten semi-hooked on Britain's Got Talent. I don't even like the American version!


Niamh Griffin said...

funny ! lots of Irish people love this too, even thought it's so not cool to admit it ;) sounds like your trip home was great too, good start to the summer!

Jody said...

miss your blogs! hope you get your interweb sorted soon.

Steve said...

Just a general comment: I'm a Jamaican here on business and I've read your blogs with interest for the past few weeks. Keep them coming.

Sirmelja said...

I miss them too, Jody! Less than a week to go before life is restored, after much confusion and fake-outs by the phone company. Sigh.

Thanks for reading, Steve. Sorry for the break in posting. I'll do better, I promise :-) Hope your business trip is going well.