Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unexpected Compliment of the Month

Driving instructor at end of 1st "lesson": "You're a lovely driver. You should have no problem passing the exam."

Me inside my head: "WOOHOO!!! I'm good, I'm good, I'm so freakin' good! [sung in childish melody]"

**Note: Decided to be smart and take a few lessons before my driving exam next week for my full Irish license (and lower insurance). Of course I had to wait 6 months afer passing the theory test (by the skin of my teeth) to take it. Apparently 20 years of experience driving in the states wasn't enough!

**Extra Note: Passing your driving exam is a HUGE deal here, considering almost 50% of those who take it fail! They even have cards in the shops for congratulating the lucky ones who pass :-)


Niamh Griffin said...

it is such a big deal here ! failing it the first time is a given really.. not that I can talk , I even managed to fail the theory test first time round - shame :(

Anonymous said...

YEAH....I always knew that you were awesome. I guess this means that when we go to Jamaica you will drive :-))

Love CB

Sirmelja said...

Niamh, I made an effort to study and I still only scraped by with the absolute minimum score!

Thanks CB! Yes, I think my next attempt at driving in Jamaica will be MUCH less full of terror :-) Well, except for any more creeping between a wall and a dead drop down to the river!