Friday, August 15, 2008

Irish Men - strong in their masculinity

80 year old man walking along holding hands with 2 year old blond charmer.  Rainbow leash wrapped around both hands just in case she makes a break for it.

Grandfather type with hurling stick and ball walking with 5 year old blond charmer.  I guess they start them young with this GAA sports addiction.

12 year old boy pushing full-sized pram, presumably with young sibling inside?  I can just imagine the conversation:  harried mother-type screaming, "All of you, get out!  I need a break!" 

Middle-aged man ambling along the sidewalk pushing what looks like a pink doll's stroller.  I'm walking behind thinking, "Please get out of my way!" (that's the rushed american in me; she still hasn't completely given in to the whole "irish time" phenomenom).  Was relieved to see an actual child inside after passing.  Somehow less creepy than the alternative.

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