Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happily eating my words

The news just keeps on getting better.  The Jamaican girls sweep the women's 100 meter winning Gold, Silver + Silver (2nd and 3rd were too close to call).

Life is sweeeet!  Now if only I had some fried breadfruit for breakfast I would be a completely happy (Jamaican) woman :-)

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Michelle said...

Just found your awesome blog! As a JA-merican. . .I'm so Proud of you and your "frontier" spirit.

I spent the past year, just 'dreaming' of moving from the USA, to another country. . .the most I've done is post my resume on monstergulf (oddly enough, I've not had the nerve to apply for a job in the Middle East)

Gosh. . .that pic of breadfruit for breakfast - brought back a lot of sweet sweet memories of the motherland!