Monday, October 22, 2007


Rain. More rain. Rain all day. Not even a hint of sun breaking through. Just cold, dreary rain under leaden skies. The only upside? I'm finally getting the hang of starting up conversations with total strangers in the unlikeliest of places. It's easy when you have so much in common.


Steph said...

Be happy you have rain!!! I read that Durham will be out of water in 60 days and Raleigh has about 100 days of water left.

Sirmelja said...

What, you guys are still in drought?! It's the end of October! See, this is why we need the hurricanes back. These days Miami gets all the rain. And the hurricane-related days off from work. But, that's an old gripe and a selfish one, I admit. Plus, I'm no longer at the Job From Hell, so I really shouldn't wish bad weather on y'all :-)