Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things I Can Do in Ireland I Can't Do Back Home

  1. Say "Hiya" without sounding like a dweeb.
  2. Schedule 5 vacations and still have at least one week left to use up.
  3. Watch reruns of American TV shows from last season with genuine gratitude.
  4. Walk down a deserted lane with a strange man behind me and have my heart rate speed up by only 50% (he turned out to be the mailman! Though what's up with the lack of uniform?)
  5. Get an additional fix of my favorite acerbic judge, Simon Cowell, and clueless contestants who've been lied to all their lives about being able to sing! (X-Factor - aka "Idol" U.K. style).
  6. Hop over to London twice in one month without it being too much of a major deal.
  7. Attend a 4 year old's birthday party with 5 Australians and one Brit.
  8. Probably go to a festival every weekend - this week it's been the Cork Film Festival, including a walking film showing through the streets of the city. Next weekend it's the Jazz Festival.
  9. Go weeks at a time without seeing a single piece of roadkill or a bird that's not a crow.
  10. Talk about the weather in virtually Every. Single. Conversation!

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