Monday, September 17, 2007

Heart aches and hopes

In the last few days I've gotten the chance to have long chats with one of my best friends (a wonderful, ROFL hysterically funny woman), and my beloved, brave sister. I love Skype! Virtually free calls to the U.S. (2 cents!) and free video calls between computers so I can see my crazy niece and nephew and exchange kisses :-) Last week I also got the chance to talk at length to a long lost friend in Scotland and, again via Skype video, take a peek at his sweet-looking baby boy sleeping the sleep of the innocent.

I can't imagine what life would be like here in a new country (it's been less than 2 months) without being able to have easy contact with family and friends. It's lonely enough sometimes. In fact, this weekend was the first in which I really felt lonely and at loose ends. I think that's why last night, for the first time in a very long time, I dreamt of a dear friend who died almost 9 years ago now. I still feel the ache in my chest from seeing Anthony. I can't believe so much time has passed since he passed! I still miss him.

On the hopeful side, I'm looking forward to the upcoming weekend. I'll be popping over to London for a quick weekend trip to see my cousin and catch a taste of the big city :-) A little bit further afield, my ROFL friend and another member of the Friday Night Girls, the one living every 12 year old boy's dream :-), are planning to come over in January, and my sister and family have just made plans to come for a couple of weeks in June. Yesss! I can't wait. Now, who's next? The calendar's still pretty wide open.

P.S. Don, where's my calendar widget? Are you there? Helloooo?


Steph said...

I should be able to make a trip in the spring. Figure out which month is best for you and pencil me in :)

Sirmelja said...

Excellent! How about April? Though you'll probably want to avoid the Easter and St. Patrick's Day hikes in fares.