Sunday, July 22, 2007

My second full day

Spent the day Saturday doing my first bit of concentrated sightseeing. Low key and a tad lonely, but fun nonetheless.

Notable moments and memories from the day:
- feeling faint and like I wanted to go back to bed only an hour after I left the B&B. Jet lag crashing down? Thankfully, a pot of tea and a scone (with jam and clotted cream, of course!) did much to revive me.

- climbing the narrow stone stairs of Church of St. Anne Shandon to take in the view of the city from the very top.

- wandering Shandon Street in the rain, popping in and out of African shops to get a sense of how accessible some of my more exotic foodstuffs are going to be.

- getting stopped by a couple of confused Irish blokes in the door of a pub on Shandon St. who clearly noticed I didn't quite belong - "Are you alright lovey?"

- finding a cute little jewelry store on Paul Street that I just know is going to feed my craving for amber.

- finding plantains and assorted Jamaican spices in the English Market. Yes!

- sadly, on my way back to the B&B at the end of the day, seeing a normal looking guy smack his girlfriend/wife on the face right in the middle of the street! I was blown away. Is this normal here??


Anonymous said...

I love the Pic's!!! I am so envious of your courage & I know that you will be just fine. I love reading your blog and look forward to each new installment. I hope the interaction you saw on the street between that couple are not the norm. Have a blast

crustybutt :) - I will never forget that name..ha ha...

Sirmelja said...

Hey sis, you are stuck with that name. It brings back such memories! :-)

Yeah, I hope that interaction wasn't the norm either. I'm assuming it's not. It's just that if that had happened on the street in any city of the U.S. I've been in, someone would stepped up and said something, and would even have called the police. Even I would have felt comfortable speaking up in the U.S. But, I didn't here. I'm still struggling with that.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I've never seen anything like that anywhere! Ick!