Thursday, July 26, 2007


Beth's recent comment prompted me to start a list of all the language-oriented differences between Ireland and the U.S. that I'm going to have to be on the lookout for:
- extra "u" in color, humor, behavior, etc.
- extra "a" in many medical terms (e.g., "paediatrician")
- extra "me" at end of program
- "scheme" is not a disparaging term (e.g., housing scheme, government scheme)
- "orientated" not oriented (see mistake above)
- "centre" not center
- weird placement of symbols on computer keyboards!
- "take away" rather than take-out

Any others?

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Anonymous said...

These differences in language that you listed are the same differences that I used to get in trouble for in school when we first arrived from Jamaica. After several failing marks on spelling tests, it finally took one (only one!) astute teacher to realize that these weren't actual errors but just differences between the british based english and the americanized one.
I too miss having you close, so that I can call you whenever I want without worrying about the time difference or cost :-)but this still won't deter me from running up the phone bill. Stay strong and go out to those pubs and just have dinner. You may be surprised that you don't end up eating alone.

Love Crusty Butt :-)