Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Slightly impulsive

OK, the truth is I couldn't wait one bit longer! I finally gave in my resignation to the JFH ("Job-From-Hell") yesterday, and it felt gooood!! My recruiter advised waiting till next week when the visa application will actually be submitted, but I've been bursting to tell the job trolls for months now, and I couldn't wait even a few more days. Impulsive? Probably. Dangerous? Probably not. I just really needed to finalize things here and convince myself that the long nightmare is (almost) finally over! [Deep, heartfelt sigh]

I set my last day of work for the 31st of May, which should give me another 3-4 weeks to close up the house, etc, etc, before flying out. I can't say enough about how much I'm looking forward to not having to go into work to sit and stare at a computer all day! This is my definition of absolute, stark raving boredom. Ugh! I'm looking forward to sharpening my clinical skills even more and actually interacting with other professionals, rather than being indentured to a bureaucratic, paper-pushing system that could care less about clinical values. OK, enough ranting. I'm supposed to be feeling happy here.


Heather Hu said...

I was just emailing you, wondering if you'd resigned yet and knowing you'd enjoy it. Then, I checked your blog, and there ya have it! Freedom, freedom, freedom... (I'm singing that for you!) I'm going to miss you SO much, even though we are already on different coasts. I luv ya girly - always!!!

Sirmelja said...

Thanks for the serenade girl! I know you totally understand how much this means to me. You've certainly heard me complaining enough :-) Was my little "nephew" singing along with you? :-) Hopefully, I'll do better about calling to keep up with you once I actually get to Ireland. More free time!