Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Chiney Shop

Thanks to my dad for sending me the link to this video, an interview with Jeanette Kong on her documentary "The Chiney Shop".  I may not remember any specific chiney shops in Jamaica itself (too young when I left), but I still find myself gravitating to the local "Asian store" -- I'm more posh these days :) -- for anything out of the ordinary, whether in America or here in Ireland.

Great video about a key part of the Jamaican experience that very few non-Jamaicans know about. "Out Of Many, One People" indeed!


Donna Foreverserenity said...

This definitely brought back some memories for me! Informative for those who didn't know! Thx for sharing!

Donna Foreverserenity said...

Just me again! :O! I love reading your stuff! Great job! But anyway, I'm here to tell you that I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You're one of 10 bloggers I'v nominated. This award was started by other bloggers and I in turn was nominated by Macie of Menopausal Mom! There are a couple of rules to this nomination. Pls go to the link here, read my see my response to her nomination, and grab the button! THIS IS YOURS TO ACCEPT IF YOU CHOOSE TO! So whenever you get back to blogging and see this! Take care and keep on bloggin! - Let me know that you've accepted by leaving a reply! Thx!