Thursday, October 21, 2010

Independent Faith, Civility, and Wearing the Purple

The God's Politics Blog is one of my go to reads every week.  Jim Wallis' Sojourner's organization is a voice representing Christians from all different traditions; its mission is to articulate the biblical call for social justice independent of any particular political affiliation.  Civility, not partisan politics.  Really, who can argue with that?

Wallis' most recent blog post is on a topic that's been very much in the news lately.  Christians and Bullying: Standing with Gays and Lesbians tries to take a Christ-like approach to a divisive issue.  The point is well taken... no matter how much disagreement there might be on an issue, no matter how deeply felt, there is no Christian justification for disrespect, tearing someone down or violence. 

And to go another necessary step further, "to paraphrase Christ, if you oppose bullying, what reward will you get? Isn’t everybody against it?....  The fact that any community or group of people is regularly the target of harassment and hate means Christians should be on the front line of defense against any who would attack."  We should be standing with the vulnerable in our society, whoever they are, not just looking on and shaking our heads at their plight.

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tabitha said...

I really enjoyed that article. I live in a very christian-conservative part of the USA and it is refreshing to read.