Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rock That Anthem

Ok, yes, OF COURSE I'm stoked about USA tying England in the World Cup soccer/football game tonight! [cue cheesy grin and fist pumping]  But, I'm actually struck by something else very telling in how the teams, and the fans in the stadium, responded tonight.

God Save The Queen vs. The Star Spangled Banner.  The Americans ROCKED it!  Did you see?  The American players with their hands over their heart, most singing along, the American fans shouting out the words with glee.

I'm not sure how much of the difference was culturally based emotional expression (stiff upper lip vs. brash enthusiasm), knowledge-based (I assume most Brits actually know the words to their anthem, right?), emotional investment in the anthem per se as representative of patriotic pride, and/or the anxious energy of the underdog team going against the big gun.  A little bit of all?  But, the difference was palpable.

Of course, I was singing "The rocket's red glare..." as loud as anybody else in the stadium as well.


af said...

until yesterday i was under the impression that the U.S didn't play until the 16th...
wasn't able to watch the game, but alot of people were live-tweeting it which was interesting....

if the U.S. continues to do well then maybe more americans will become interested in soccer.

not really behind any of the teams this year so i'm just going with the U.S.... soccer is so big in the caribbean/africa i'm suprised more african countries aren't being represented.

hopefully jamaica will make it to the world cup in 2014 *fingers crossed*

niamh said...

Of course everyone in Ireland was cheering for the States as well:) Good luck in the next game!