Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brainwashed by Eurovision

There's no other explanation - it must be Stockholm Syndrome. Oh no, even the name taunts me!

The first year I was here to hear about it, 2008, I was confused. What the heck? Why? What's the point? And why a turkey?!

The second year, I remember turning my nose up in disdain at the silly Europeans and their weird song contest with the silly costumes and the bizarre dances and the totally unnecessary hoopla.

This year, bring on the Eurovision Song Contest! I actually set the DVR to tape it, found myself twittering about it, and was insulted (insulted I tell you!) that we in Ireland weren't allowed to vote tonight.



Anonymous said...

YES! Bring it on! LOL!

Viajera said...

Is the turkey in again this year? :D Just kidding!

niamh said...

It's so fun! And yes very relieved there is not sign of that damn turkey - if we're gonna enter, should take it seriously! Go Ireland!!