Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Girl Alone in the Dark

So I get a call from a friend saying "hey, wanna catch a movie?" Well, in somewhat less American terminology. I'm leaving the gym feeling virtuous and tomorrow's a holiday, so I release my spontaneous side and jump on board.

Of course, since this is my life, she got irrevocably delayed (reasons very valid), so I end of watching Shutter Island by myself. In the dark.

Now, this is NOT a movie you really want to see by yourself. I felt kind of silly doing the fingers across my eyes thing with no one else familiar beside me to get the joke... and share the fear.

Suffice it to say... freaky movie. Really good and not at all horror, which I was afraid it was going to be, but freaky. I won't tell you what other freaky but good movie it reminds me of - I hate spoilers - but once you see it yourself you'll know exactly which movie I mean.

Just don't see it alone.


kemarias said...

I wasn't planning to go see this movie. But now you've peaked my curiosity. lol

Steph said...

I loved that movie! I liked it so much I even bought the book to read on a plane trip. :)

niamh said...

Thanks for the tip! Maybe I should make it an afternoon movie:)

Sincerely Me said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it looks freaky on the previews. I think I am going to skip that one!

Alida said...

I saw it with my husband and son in a crowded movie theater...it was still scary!!