Friday, November 20, 2009

Let Mr. Blue Sky In - Flashmob Cork

This was so, so much fun to do! Hundreds of people did it. The view you see is only one of 8 stations along Patrick Street.

A bit of an anti-climax though after all the practice. And so typically Cork in that it wasn't at all a surprise (like a flashmob should be!) because it seemed everybody had heard about it beforehand! Believe me, even Patrick Street during Christmas shopping season isn't usually this crowded. People were set up with cameras waiting for it to start :-)

Still, LOADS of fun. And I met new friends, so even better :-)

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Evin said...

I had not heard about it beforehand and was just leaving lunch when I heard the music and ran around the corner to see what it was. Very VERY nice surprise for me. :)