Tuesday, September 15, 2009

U2 - Irie!

I'm a big fan of U2. HUGE. Longstanding. Committed and not deterred by the "pooh pooh the native son" attitude that seems present so much over here. If I hear one more person say that their "friend" has a "friend" who kinda knows Bono and thinks he's an arrogant langer, I'll get violent.

Anyway, that was just to set the stage. You all know :-) that I'm originally from Jamaica and quite proud of my heritage. Living in Ireland has raised interesting parallels to life and culture over there, so in some ways adjusting to life here hasn't been quite as strange as it could have been.

OK, stage fully set. Well, except to tell you that, along with my U2 fan-buddy from the states (we first got into the band together in college oh so many decades ago!), I went to see them for 2 of their shows in Dublin this summer. Woohoo!!!!

U2 has just opened the U.S. leg of their tour (and, yes, my friend also has tickets to see a show over there as well!) and gave an interview with Chris Cuomo of ABC News.

All I can say is, you've got to watch the video in it's entirety to truly get why I now love them even more :-) Great minds do think alike!


Viajera said...

"Only love! Only love!" LOL! Luv that song!

Okay, I'm not a HUGE fan like you are, but I like the music, I own 2 CDs, I even liked the "Pop" album, and I want to have sex with Larry Mullen Jr. ;)

Um... but "Sexy Boots" kinda turned me off the new album,though. Don't kill me! Don't kill me! :D

jamie (aka afro) said...

uk/ireland seems to hate on their "hometown heros" more than in america (see; george michael, elton john, david beckham, etc.)

i was under the impression that people couldn't practice psychology outside of their own culture/society b/c you had to be familiar w/ the culture to understand subtle nuances of the society in order to deliver fully effective therapy.

soo many questions for you; did you have to use spss much when you were in college?

are gays really treated like rubbish in jamaica? heard some british batty got killed there last week.

Niamh Griffin said...

Hello! You've been nominated for a Kreativ Blogger Award! For keeping your sense of humour alive in deepest Cork:) It's waiting for you on my blog.

Lis said...

I'm a huge fan since the eighth grade. Love them! They make great music and they do a lot of good. I have yet to see them in concert,you are very lucky, twice in one summer!

Sirmelja said...

Viajera - I know, Sexy Boots is all over the radio but it's definitely not my favorite.

Jamie - no, I didn't use SPSS in college. Definitely in grad school though. And, sadly, Jamaica is definitely not a society that's very accepting of gays. Much more homophobic than the states even.

Hey Lis, so nice to meet you. Another U2 fan - woohoo!

Sirmelja said...

Thanks so much Niamh, you're the best!