Sunday, June 8, 2008

Girl Love

What's not amazing about being a girl?!

Exhibit One: celebrating all things girly with a night out at the Sex And The City movie (slightly cheesy at the end, but mostly a blast). Of course, we properly hono(u)red the spirit of the occasion with the necessary cute outfits and great heels. Dinner conversation centered on one gal pal's fully ripened pregnancy (she was due the next day) and the amazing shoes in the window of the boutique across the lane.

Exhibit Two: My new Salsa and Bachata dance lessons. Being the follower is just soooo much easier than having to think up which steps both you and your partner are going to do. No wonder the poor blokes sweat so much!

Exhibit Three: Visiting a 1st Class (1st grade) primary school classroom this week where, just by virtue of being A Big Girl and having an American accent, I was lavished with love and attention by a mob of the cutest little girls you ever saw. I was still smiling when I went to bed that night! I'm smiling now.


Wayfaring Stranger said...

Hey and what kind of baby did she have? I'm holding part of my breath the see the new one, before I fly. Yes, grrlz is good!

Elizabeth said...

I thought of your earlier post when I saw Samantha's new dog-- too funny!

Sirmelja said...

WF - it's a boy!

Elizabeth - I'm a spaz (which you know). What am I missing?