Saturday, May 24, 2008

P.C.A. (Public Consummation of Affection)

Flowers budding, weeds taking over my garden, and little lambies gamboling through the fields... Yes, spring has definitely arrived in the Emerald Isle and apparently it makes even the most unlikely of couples just a leeetle too frisky!

I won't post a picture of the love encounter because I'm a tactful person (and I didn't have my camera with me, darn it!), but believe me, yesterday's PCA extravaganza is burned into my retinas!

As I was leaving work to grab some lunch, I saw two lovers of the canine persuasion going at it like a porn movie in the middle of the street. The giver (an extremely hyper Jack Russell Terrier) and the receiver (a large black collie-type) were smack dab on the white line and so engrossed in each other they didn't stop to pay attention to any of the multiple cars passing them in either direction. Clearly Mr. Jack Russell had a lot of energy to work off because he kept at it for at least a minute and a half as I drove all the way up and past them, waited to make my turn, and drove (slowly due to rubbernecking) away.

Now, just in case you doubt the staying power of this tribute to manhood, you should know that when I told my story later, one of my coworkers reported witnessing the same couple doing their business when she went off to lunch, AND they were still going at it in the same place when she came back by a half hour later!

Is there such a thing as puppy Viagra?


tpe said...

That's what I'm talking about, Sirmelja. With cats it's all screechy this and screechy that, excuse me whilst I duck the shoe being thrown at my head, lover. That sort of thing.

But dogs, you see, are way more considerate about these things. "Engrossed" in each other, as you say. Touching. And filthy, too, but that's right beside the point.

You'll be sorry you've got a cat now, I'm sure. Go dogs, go.

Yes, I need medicine.

Kind regards cetra cetra....


tpe said...

Sorry - and it's nice to see you again, by the way. I hope everything is okay in your corner of Cork? The weather has been beautiful, hasn't it? Summer was excellent this year. Two whole days of sunshine. Hurrah.

Sirmelja said...

Hello lovely TPE, I have to say there was something pretty romantic about the whole thing :-) Who wouldn't want a guy to be that focused solely on you? Watch out guys, you're being upstaged by a (actual) dog!

You'll notice I'm ignoring your rude and hurtful aspersions about my feline friends. Sigh... the things I have to do to keep this friendship going.