Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Bliss

I'm sprawled on the living room floor looking out the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and doors leading into my own little garden and courtyard, watching my cat groom herself in the sunshine. All the while, she's surreptitiously eyeing the brick walls to gauge just how high they are and whether making a leap for it would entail any major exertion of energy on her part.

While avoiding answering my backlog of emails, I'm surfing, blogging after a long absence, and enjoying one of my favorite Southern delicacies. It sounds weird but I swear it's the best combination ever. A smash at dinner parties! Cream cheese smothered in red jalapeno pepper jelly. YUM!! If you've never tried it don't knock it!


n'Drea said...

I love kicking back on Sundays. :)

Love cheese. Not pepper though, lol. You make the combination sound dee-lish though.

Sirmelja said...

What do you mean you don't like pepper? What kind of Jamaican are you? :-)

n'Drea said...

LOL! Sorry, not fond of it. Makes my eyes and nose water.