Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is this sexy or just plain wrong?

Very sexy athletic girl from the musical Africa Africa


tpe said...

Hmm. Sexy or just plain wrong? I feel it is neither, really. I had to stop watching around about the two minute mark, in fact, because it made me feel weird. Queasy, even.

So, personally speaking, I found nothing overly sexy here. But but but....it is a horribly impressive display and I always admire/envy people who seem so comfortable and fluid in their bodies. I mean, wow.

Anyway, I actually just came here to say hello and welcome back etc (about time, too) and planned to comment in your most recent post - but found myself gaspingly sidetracked by the bendy woman.

I'm glad you seem to have had a good time away, in any event, and delighted that you seem to have met up with a fellow blogger and enjoyed it so much. It's pretty miraculous, isn't it?

Oh. And well done for getting yourself a set of wheels. You'll not regret it, Sirmelja, and Ireland will soon start to make a whole heap more sense to you. I'm right, trust me.

Lovely to have you back in Bloggy Land (and Ireland, too, obv.)

Kind regards and happy biscuits etc....


tpe said...

I am a fool, a fool I tell you. I forgot to say - beautiful cat. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful cat. Phew. I hope this makes up for my forgetfulness.

(Not as nice as my dog, right enough, but you're doing well.)

Kind regards cetra cetra.....

Sirmelja said...

TPE, you're just lucky you caught yourself in time to make the appropriate gushy noises about my baby! I just knew you had good taste :-)

I thought this woman was sexy for the first minute or so (in the "I wish I had her body" way that most women size up the "competition"), but there's a point at which flexibility shows its dark side. The human body isn't designed to to this!

I watched till the end, but I had to make myself do it. Queasy was definitely the word.